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Living With The Coronas


They have worked together for 11 years and The Coronas are even closer now, after living together in the same house.

Band members Danny O’Reilly, Dave McPhillips, Graham Knox and Conor Egan have been sharing a house with their manager and a girlfriend.

‘We all live together. We’ve been living together for a year. I was over in London first then the boys came over. Knoxy’s girlfriend lives with us as well, and so does our manager.

‘So there is six of us in the house. Thank God there are five bedrooms,’ Danny laughed.

‘We know each other really well so we can just be ourselves, one time we didn’t speak for 40 hours, we were just so hungover listening to music. It’s like we’re the perfect couple, except it’s a foursome,’ Danny added.

The Closer To You singers are recording their new album in London, with plans to release the record at the end of September, after playing the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and The Marquee in Cork.

‘It felt right to record the new album in London, because we wrote it there, we recorded the last one in LA. This time it’s cool to be able to go to the studio and be able to just walk home.

‘We’re going to release a standalone single at the end of May called All The Others. We’re doing a few summer gigs and then the album is coming out at the end of September.

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Speaking at the Guinness Storehouse for the launch of the St Patrick’s Day Festival, Danny spoke about plans for another tour.

The band are just back from their Australian tour, Danny admitted the band plan to return for even bigger gigs.

‘We didn’t expect such big numbers, we had over 1,000 people in Sydney. It’s something that’s starting to grow, hopefully we’ll go over and play some festivals over there,’ Danny said.

Meanwhile, Danny has other ideas when it comes to his music career. The son of Mary Black admitted he’d like to pursue a career as a radio presenter.

‘I’d like to do something in radio. I’d like to be a DJ. It’s a bit soon yet, but maybe down the road to get my own show, that would be awesome,’ he smiled.