Home Music Kodaline's Steve Garrigan sees it 'as a compliment' gay fans fancy him

Kodaline's Steve Garrigan sees it 'as a compliment' gay fans fancy him


Kodaline star Steve Garrigan has admitted he has no problem being a pin-up for gay fans.

The Dubliner was told the main┬ácomment underneath a YouTube video of them at Glastonbury was: “Steve Garrigan makes me more and more gay.”

And the All I Want singer admits he takes it “as a compliment” after feeling the same way about┬áPaulo Nutini.

“I take that as a compliment. We met Paulo Nutini at Pinkpop and I got a little bit gay,” he said.


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“Holy God. He’s an Italian-Scottish crossover – and that voice. I’ve got to stop talking.”

Meanwhile, Kodaline revealed why they are happy to try and break America – despite the pain and time involved.

“The only thing is because America is such an amazing country, the tours over there are so much fun,” Steve told 2FM’s Breakfast Republic.

“Every State is like another country. It’s just great craic. But there are no Americans in America – that’s what I found.”

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However Steve admitted that they were shocked to discover a family who had seemingly heard of no modern music ever.

“I remember we stopped off, we had a 30 hour road trip on the bus. We stopped off at this little garage and was getting a coffee,” he said.

“And there was this proper hick family just sitting there. They were like, ‘You alright man? What’s your name?’

“I said, ‘You definitely wouldn’t have heard of us.’ He goes, ‘Who are you like?’ And I go, ‘Maybe U2?’ And he goes, ‘Who? Never heard of U2.’

“And then on the next one I was like, ‘Coldplay?’ ‘No idea.’ And he hadn’t heard of U2, Coldplay, I think I mentioned Kings of Leon as well.

“I started firing out bands and he’d heard of nothing. And I started thinking – what does he listen to?”