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Kim Kardashian reveals Kanye West shot his album artwork for ‘Ye’ on an iPhone

The rapper didn't to go to much hassle.


Kim Kardashian how Kanye West shot the album cover for his new album and it was surprisingly little effort.

Mere days ago Yeezy got in hot water for spending $85,000 on a photo of the late Whitney Houston’s drug littered bathroom for Pusha T’s album artwork for Daytona, which the deceased singer’s family were “disgusted” about, the ‘Yikes’ singer released his own album ‘Ye’ – but he  significantly less trouble with the album artwork!

His wife of four years has revealed that, “Kanye shot the album cover on his iPhone on the way to the album listening party.”

The listening party was part of Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday celebrations.

At the time Kim said his upcoming music, “might actually be my favorite!”

‘Ye is a very personal seven-track album which was released yesterday and discusses Kanye’s mental health issues, the #MeToo movement, his controversial slavery comments and concerns he has about his daughters growing up. The album artwork which he shot on the way to the listening party features a mountainous landscape overlayed with the words “I hate being bi-polar it’s awesome.”

Credit: Kanye West