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Imelda May: 'I'm still a rocker even though I'm a mum now'


Irish singer Imelda May has revealed her personality hasn’t changed, even though she is a mother now.

The Dubliner, who gave birth to daughter Violet in 2012, said she is still a rocker at heart.

“I just really wanted to rock out on this album (Tribal). When you have a baby your priorities change, but your personality doesn’t.

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Yummy mummy: Imelda says she’s still a rocker | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Of course Violet has changed my whole world, but I wasn’t going to turn into a big lump of mush just because I had a baby,” she said.

“I’m definitely not getting more conservative the older I get – I’m going the opposite way.

“I want to be like a lunatic 90-year-old! And I suppose musicians tend not to grow old anyway,” she told VIP magazine.

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Meanwhile the Dublin singer revealed she is glad her guitarist husband is supportive of her career.

Asked if Darrel Higham is happy to see her centre stage, she said:

“Yeah he is, and not a lot of guys could cope with that.

!When we were together first, he was more successful than me, and I was very happy to support him.

“Musicians are mostly always broke so you’ve got to make hay when the sun shines,” she said.