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Johnny McDaid and Ed Sheeran being sued for MILLIONS


Johnny McDaid and Ed Sheeran are being sued for millions for allegedly copying a song that was released by former X Factor winner Matt Cardle.

A 20 million dollar lawsuit, filed in a Los Angeles federal court, has claimed that Ed Sheeran’s hit 2014 single Photograph infringed the copyright of Matt Cardle’s song Amazing, which he released in 2012.

Ed is now being sued for more than £13 million, as Amazing songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard have enlisted top lawyer Richard Busch to represent them.

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Oh dear: Ed’s being sued for millions | VIPIRELAND.COM

According to the Press Association, the lawsuit read, “The similarities go beyond substantial, which is itself sufficient to establish copyright infringement, and are in fact striking.

“The similarity of words, vocal style, vocal melody, melody and rhythm are clear indicators, among other things, that Photograph copies Amazing.”

As well as that, court papers posted online have alleged that the choruses of both songs share 39 identical notes.

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Unfortunate: Johnny will also answer to the charges as Ed’s co-writer | VIPIRELAND.COM

While Matt Cardle has nothing to do with the lawsuit against Ed Sheeran, the British singer will have to answer the charges alongside his Photograph co-writer Johnny McDaid.

Co-defendants Warner Music, Song/ATV Songs and Polar Patrol Music Publishing will also answer to the charges.