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Ed Sheeran reveals he wants to LIVE in Ireland when he settles down


Ed Sheeran has revealed he wants to eventually end up living in Ireland.

The Thinking Out Loud singer admitted he isn’t ready to settle down just yet – and loves his life on the road.

But the 23-year-old – who has Irish roots – said he would love to end up in Ireland.

He said: “All my family is moving back to Ireland now. I would love to live here. But I don’t necessarily live anywhere at the moment.

Ed Sheeran performs at Vicar Street

Gig: Ed when he last played in Ireland | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Even when I’m on tour I never live anywhere, I’m always in other cities. Later down the line when I actually have time to stay somewhere though – I’d love to live here.”

As a youngster, Ed ended up busking in Galway – one of his best sessions when he made €200.

Now the Sing star revealed he keeps in touch with Ireland by watching Love/Hate – after Taylor Swift’s crew introduced him to it.

And Ed was shocked when he was presented with a signed copy of the Love/Hate DVD box set on the Late Late Show.

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Shocked: Tubs gave Ed a DVD set of Love/Hate signed by the cast

He said: “I was on tour with Taylor for most of last year. All her tour crew are Irish – and they had it all on an external hard drive.

“I’m not sure if that’s legal – but I bought the DVD. I got it, I watched it three times.

“Nidge is such a calm, cool character and then by the end he’s out of it. I can’t believe how posh he is, he is amazing.”