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Cheryl’s new music will be ‘100 per cent personal’ following her split from Liam Payne

The singer has penned new music about her break up


Cheryl’s new music will be “100 per cent personal”, following her split from Liam Payne.

The former Girls Aloud star split from Liam Payne after two years of dating in July, and the songstress has been working on new music ever since.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Cheryl’s collaborator and producer Naughty Boy revealed that Cheryl will pour her heart out on her new record.

“It is 100% personal and it’s about time people got to know the real Cheryl,” he said.


“”I think when you are writing songs there is a different vulnerability and that comes out through songwriting, so I am proud of her that she got more involved this time and not just as a singer.”

“The lyrics really mean something to her – sometimes you have to put a bit of heart for people to see that there is a real struggle.”

The news comes after it was reported that Cheryl is set to release an expletive-laden song about her exes in the coming months.


According to The Sun, the mother-of-one brands herself a “sucker who falls in love with every f***er” in the new track.

The source told the paper: “It is a very edgy pop-dance track and not a typical song which you would expect from Cheryl. She’s not holding back on her feelings and inevitably it will lead to a lot of speculation.”