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Cardi B has DELETED her Instagram due to feud

Due to a feud with another artist!


Cardi B has deleted her Instagram! And we don’t mean deleted it as in just deleted the posts on it á la Blake Lively promoting her new movie, we mean it’s GONE!

She has also set her Twitter account to private so unless you’re one of the privileged few she follows you can’t get your daily dose of Cardi.

The Bronx rapper is feuding with Azelia Banks and that led to her getting rid of her account.

Lol – everytime I smile at myself in a selfie I can see myself growing into a full fledged woman… am I getting too old for selfies ? I’m 26 … I think I will stop taking selfies when I am 30

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Azelia criticised Cardi telling the Breakfast Club there was a “really intelligent conversation going on nationally” about black women’s culture, “then everything kind of changed. Then it was Cardi B.”

She went on to say, “If my spelling and grammar was that bad I’d be canceled.”

Before deleting her accounts Cardi B responded on Twitter saying “all of a sudden I’m the reason the world is such a terrible place.” Later she was more annoyed and tweeted, “B*tch you stressed, you can’t flex get some money hoe tell me why I’m pressed.” She expressed her opinion that Azelia should suck her ass and then made her profile private.

Watch the full interview here.