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Bono fears U2 will go home empty handed from the Oscars


U2 fear losing out at the Oscars for the second time in their career despite being the frontrunners.

The Dublin stars are up for Best Song for their Nelson Mandela track Original Love.

But Bono expects to have to put on their losing face again – like in 2002 when Hands That Built America failed to triumph.

And the 53-year-old knows that Pharrell Williams is going to be giving them tough competition, despite winning the same award at the Golden Globes.

He added: “Once we did the Oscars before, and when you’re sitting there and realise that you want to win this little golden statue.

“And Larry Mullen tipped me on the back and he just said, ‘Bono, when we’re sitting there, what is going to be our losing face?’

“And on that occasion we lost to Eminem’s Lose Yourself, which is an amazing song, so it wasn’t so bad.


Competition: Pharrell Williams is also up for the gong

“This time round we’ve got Pharrell Williams who is one of our favourite artists, and we have Karen O, she’s also incredible.”

But Bono knows it is going to be a “great night out” in their “dicky bows” whatever happens at the Oscars.

However, the With Or Without You singer doesn’t feel like a true celebrity even though he’ll be walking the red carpet and they don’t “look down on our audience”

He added: “Right now, there’s too much stardom again. It’s like we worship the stars, every magazine is filled with the stars.

“I’m very happy to have the attention on our music, but I don’t think U2 are stars in the real sense. We’re just too dull and boring. It’s just not the way we think. We feel a part of our audience.”

And Bono revealed that their fans still have a long wait before they hear their “very modern-sounding” new album – which they have wrote a phenomenal 50 songs for.

He said: “This band, the album will be finished the moment it goes into shops and goes online. Even when it’s in the shops, Edge will try and remix it.

“We don’t want to put it out until it’s right – but we are very excited about some of the songs. Invisible is a good entree to the album.

“We have about 50 songs that we’ve written. We’re good at starting things, we’re not very good at finishing things.”

And Bono is hoping that people aren’t annoyed at having to wait so long for the album, which comes more than four years after their last in 2009.

“We want to thank our audience for being so patient. Whole countries have been and gone since our last album.

“People have gone to university and left since our last album. And it is a long time. I hope our audience is out there, and we believe they are.”