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6 Reasons why we want to be at Coachella 2014


Sure we’ve got Oxegen, Electric Picnic and Body & Soul, and while we try to follow festival trends like festival fashion it’s slightly difficult when it could rain at any minute, and celeb wise the most exciting VIPs we get are nothing compared to these Coachella guests.

Here’s why we love the Californian festival:


1. Everyone Is Wearing Shorts


One thing us Irish don’t get to do all that often is wear our short shorts, but over at Coachella the ladies and ladies are sporting them.

From Laura Whitmore’s Daisy Dukes to Ellie Goulding’s leather zip-up hot pants, it’s a festival of legs over there!


2. Celebrity Selfies



With Katy Perry, Cara Delevigne, Hilary Duff and Lea Michele all hanging around the festival this weekend there are tonnes of random selfies with some of our favourite stars.

Looking through Instagram we found a few of Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry and Lea Michele and Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez.

It’s a selfie-fest that we wouldn’t mind being apart of.


3. Dancing In The Desert


Here in Ireland we have to throw on our wellies, grab a rain coat and hope for the best when we head to a music festival, but over in Coachella the California sunshine is perfect.

Instead of sliding through mud to get to the main stage (hello Oxegen, Electric Picnic) guests are simply walking through the sandy walkways in between each gig.

And instead of huddling together with dodgy umbrellas in the wind and rain they are happily dancing at sunset.


4. Showing Off The Mid-drift


Another thing us Irish never really get to do is show off our mid-drift. Although most ladies wouldn’t do it in a million years, it’s nice to have the choice, right?

Over in Coachella there is nothing mid-drift going around. Including the gorgeous Katy Perry who has been showing off her stunning figure all weekend.


5. Crazy Hair


One thing we love about festival season is the style, and that includes hair too. From braids to coloured stripes, to glitter, we’ve seen everything at Coachella.

Rita Ora is especially embracing the festival style. She flew to California with her natural short bob but transformed he hair into a long braid just hours later.


High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens also dyed her hair blonde right before Coahcella. And we have to mention Katy Perry’s green hair… That’s a true festival chick.


6. Beyonce And Solange Reunite


We all love a bit of Beyonce but Beyonce and her sister Solange on stage together? That’s just awesome.

Hundreds of festival goers shared pictures of the coolest sister act on stage over the weekend, and we just wish we could have been there to see it!