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‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ cast reveal what it’s REALLY like to work with Tom Cruise

The actor has a reputation


Tom Cruise has a nice guy reputation in Hollywood but it’s always hard to know how much of what we hear is spin and what’s the truth.

According to the cast of the latest Mission Impossible movie, he is genuinely lovely.

His co-stars gushed to E! News about his talent for doing his own stunts, which led to him breaking his ankle on this shoot, and about how nice he was to the extras on set.

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Henry Cavill told E! News, “I am not easily impressed, and I know some people who have done genuinely seriously impressive stuff, and watching Tom do these stunts, especially in the mountains in that helicopter.”

“I just thought, ‘Okay I am officially impressed,'” the Superman actor divulged.

“This is ridiculous what he is doing,” he said before adding, “And he learns all these skills for these movies and does them to an elite level.”

“It is remarkable, truly remarkable.”

Angela Bassett said, “He truly is just incredibly warm, generous, embracing.”

“As soon as he turns to see you he breaks out into this great smile and just welcomes you with a warm smile.”

Rebecca Ferguson, told E! News that he makes you feel like “you are the center of the room.”

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Simon Pegg however, joked that he just felt uneasy in the actor’s presence.

“He compliments you a lot and he looks at you and it gets uncomfortable because you get so much Cruise love on you.”

“People are always so all over on him, so I think he likes to redistribute it,” he laughed.

Watch the trailer for ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ here.