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Mike Myers says that Austin Powers 4 is ‘looking good’

It's been sixteen years since the last film was released

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Mike Myers has said that Austin Powers 4 is “looking good.”

The popular film franchise hasn’t moved on since the last instalment was released in 2002 and fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a fourth movie.

It looks like there is some progress being made in the creation of the film though, as Mike Myers has revealed that he’s working on it.

20th Century Fox

“It’s looking good, it’s just tough, you know, it takes a long time to write the script, you want it to be fantastic,” the 53-year-old told E! News.

“I have three kids under the age of seven now, you know, [director] Jay [Roach] is just back to back making movies. But we’ve met and, I don’t know, it’s looking good, we’ll see.”

“I’d love to do it, it’s so much fun doing it,” he added.