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EXCLUSIVE: Evanna Lynch reveals she 'couldn't enjoy fame because it came too easy with Harry Potter'


Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch has admitted she got a lucky break when she landed the role as Luna Lovegood in the series.

The Louth actress was cast in the movie franchise after just her second audition, now living in LA, Evanna said she wants to earn her fame.

“I think I had a lucky break. It was actually the second audition that I got on Harry Potter it’s just so unusual that I got that,” she told Goss.ie.

“So I guess I had the Irish mentality that like oh I should earn it. It shouldn’t come this easy. Its almost like I couldn’t enjoy it if it came that easy.”


Fame: Evanna played Luna in the Harry Potter series

“I knew (LA) would be tough. I didn’t realise how much I would have to push myself out there.”

“You really have to present yourself and I was quite shy and I was quite like I didn’t want to have to impress people and that doesn’t really serve you to have that kind of attitude.”

Evanna, 23, added that since playing Luna in Harry Potter casting agents keep trying to get her back into a similar role.

Evanna Lynch

Type cast: Evanna says she wants to play different roles | JASON CLARKE

“People were determined to see me a certain way – I’d get called in for the spacey, airy teenager and part of me was like ‘oh I actually don’t want to do this’,” she explained.

Meanwhile Evanna revealed she would love to land a lead in a feature film like fellow Irish actress Saoirse Ronan.

“Any actress would like to have that kind of responsibility. It’s both intimidating and very exciting,” she said.

“I have a lot of respect for (Saoirse) how she has taken it on so young and does it with such grace.”

Evanna Lynch

Student awards: Evanna launched this year’s competition | JASON CLARKE

Evanna made the comments while launching the Bord Gáis Energy Student Theatre Awards.

Open to primary school students from 3rd – 6th class and all students in secondary school, this year’s awards have been expanded and will feature 11 categories.

Students can apply for best performance in a leading role, best director, best musical, best costumes and best set design.

The deadline for entries is 12th January 2015.