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EXCLUSIVE: Rose of Tralee lands role in new action movie with The Rock

EXCLUSIVE: Rose of Tralee lands movie role with The Rock

Rose of Tralee winner Tara Talbot has landed a role a new action film with The Rock aka Dwyane Johnson.

The Andrea Roche model has already filmed scenes for San Andreas, which has a $100 million budget.

Superstar Kylie Minogue has a starring role in the film.

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Speaking to Goss.ie, Tara said it’s been an amazing experience so far:

“I play a college student in California, and I’ve worked a couple of days so far.

“The movie is a disaster movie, based in California, being filmed in my hometown, Brisbane, and also on the Gold Coast.

“My scene was with Paul Giamatti, who I love,”

“.He was very professional, and I was so impressed. He never faultered, even at 4am.

“We filmed for 18 hours yesterday, it was freezing but we were well looked after by the crew. It’s a huge production, very exciting.

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The blockbuster follows a rescue chopper pilot (The Rock) and his wife who make a dangerous journey across California to rescue their estranged daughter in the middle of an earthquake.

Tara has yet to work with The Rock or Kylie, but the model remains hopeful.

“Unfortunately The Rock was promoting his new film Hercules in the US , and Kylie has commitments with the Voice.

“But I still may get to work with them before the end of filming.

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“Acting and TV is something that I’ve been intetested in for a few years, the Rose of Tralee was a fantastic experience,

“And I also ran Andrea Roche’s commercial agency, so I have experience in casting actors and it sparked my interest in the industry.

“I’m currently filming a few TV commercials, and aiming to present lifestyle TV, or sport. Im enjoying every experience along the way!

Meanwhile Tara willbe returning to Ireland next year.

Them model is set to marry her Irish fiance in Meath next June.