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Daniel Radcliffe: 'I want to work with Michael Fassbender after my amazing Irish experience'


Daniel Radcliffe has revealed he wants to work with Michael Fassbender – after being on set with a string of Irish actors.

But the Harry Potter star admitted he isn’t in touch with ex-co stars Domhnall Gleeson or Evanna Lynch any more.

He told Goss.ie: “I’ve worked with quite a few Irish actors – Pat Shortt, Brendan Gleeson and Domhnall.

“I’d like to work with all of them again – but Fassbender obviously. I’d love to work with him. He probably thinks I’m stalking him now, I mention him so much.

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“I’m not really in contact with my co-stars from Harry Potter any more – Domhnall or Evanna.

“I was really annoyed because Donal came to see The Cripple of Inishmaan and the only show that I have missed in my entire professional career on stage, I missed when Domhnall came. Unfortunately, I was throwing up into a bucket for three days.”

The Hollywood actor met with fans in Dublin’s Cineworld when he turned up for the Irish premiere of What If, which was partly filmed here.

When he was here, the 25-year-old made headlines after partying with the Dublin Minor GAA team – but admitted he’s “not in touch with any of them”.


Not in touch: Daniel hasn’t spoken to Evanna since Potter

And Daniel told Goss.ie that he just loves being in the Irish capital because of our rich history.

“We had a great crew, that was all I really got to experience the city. That’s how I experience most cities, through the film crews I work with,” he said.

“But it was nice, it was relaxing, because we finished the film here – so it was a lovely way to have a send off.

“The people are really lovely and friendly and welcoming. It’s a beautiful old city with a lot of history and a whole weight of literary history behind it as well.”

And Daniel didn’t mind that What If was such a small film – and doesn’t actually feel there’s much difference between it and Harry Potter.

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“Small films are mainly what I’ve done since Potter finished – much smaller films like this. So it felt like a natural next step,” he said.

“I’d just done Kill Your Darlings and the size of this film, next to Kill Your Darlings it was Harry Potter – budget-wise and time-wise.

“There’s also kind of a misconception around films that there’s a big difference between big films and small films – there’s really not.

“The only difference is how big the sets are, and how long you have the cranes for. The big set piece stuff.

“But apart from that, it’s still just a group of people working really hard together to get to one point.”

You get to see him once again strip off in the flick – and after doing it on stage, Daniel is happy to get his kit off whenever now.

He said: “I don’t mind it. It’s one of these things I don’t request. I don’t say, ‘The script’s great, where’s the nudity?’

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“But it seems like every film I did in the year I shot What If I got my kit off in all of them. It’s just a theme in my work at the moment. I think once you’ve done it on stage you use your inhibitions.”

One thing he does mind though, is the idea of playing a grown up Harry Potter after JK Rowling’s new book captured the character as an adult – although he isn’t ruling it out.

He said: “I could imagine it. I don’t know if I’d want to do it. But I will have worked really hard to make sure people see me as an actor rather than a character at that point.

“To go back to it might seem a backwards step. But it’s only a hypothetical at the moment. So never say never.”