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All the signs that John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship was doomed

The warning signs were there


When the news broke this week that wrestling royalty John Cena and Nikki Bella called off their engagement and announced their split, fans were shocked.

If you look back on their relationship though, there were so many warning signs that the couple was doomed from the start.

The pair dated for five years before John popped the question just last year.

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John proposed in a grand fashion in front of 75,000 wrestle mania fans, but people speculated that John was hesitant to get married.

A source told PEOPLE that the WWE Diva “doesn’t need a pity proposal, a pity wedding.”

The couple also apparently spent months apart at a time, thanks to their incredibly busy schedules.

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Another obvious warning sign that could have contributed to the split is that John was very vocal about not wanting kids, while Nikki clearly did.

In a 2013 episode of E!’s Total Divas, Nikki’s reality show, her and John were discussing the possibility of children down the road.

John said, “I’m going to choose my words carefully…I can’t give you that.”

A lot can change in five years though, and in a recent press interview for his movie Blockers, John was asked about his stance on children after playing a dad.

The interviewer asked, “Has playing a dad changed your stance at all on wanting children?”

“It has.  It has. Because you can’t ever plan for it. You can’t ever do it right,” he replied.

This could have just been talk for the cameras because the couple’s differences were still enough to cause them to separate less than a month before their wedding, which was scheduled for May 5th.

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