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Rebecca Black reveals it took her 5 YEARS to get over online bullying

The 20-year-old has opened up about the online hate she received.


Rebecca Black has revealed that it took her five years to get over the online bullying she received after she released her viral track, ‘Friday’.

The singer, who is now 20, was subject to major trolling after her single was dubbed ‘the world’s worst song’.

She recently spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live and explained how she had no control over the video that accompanied the song.

She revealed that she, “didn’t get a private viewing before it went live … I saw it the minute it went on YouTube like everyone else.”

Discussing the bullying, Rebecca said, “I didn’t think the whole world was going to see it and pick it apart!”.

When the video was released views quickly soared into the millions and Rebecca became the target of a serious amount of abuse online.

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“I saw everything…. when you start reading comments that are negative, I just couldn’t stop, I just kept going and going and going.”

“I’ve never left a hate comment on anything so I don’t really see the logic of saying that to someone. But there is something about that experience, it’s like no one sees whatever is happening in that video as a real thing or a real life or a real person.”

“They don’t think a real person has to read this and move on with their day after that… I don’t think there is anything I haven’t heard,” she finished.

Rebecca is making a comeback into the music world having recently auditioned for th American talent show ‘The Four’.