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Ranch bans rappers following Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ listening party

The 'Ye' listening party caused some upset with the locals...


Kanye West’s listening party for his latest album, ‘Ye’, caused some upset in the Wyoming mountains.

The rapper had 400 friends descend on Jackson Hole, a ranch, and the owner has vowed never to have rapers at the property again after a number of complaints from other locls.

Jane Golliher told The Blast that she wished she charged the Yeezy in excess of $50,000. She says the party was initially meant to be held inside and finished at 10pm but Kanye changed his mind “every thirty minutes” and eventually held it outside. He also brought the speakers outside and blared the new album so loud that locals rang her to complain instantly.


He only began the event at 9:30pm and it violated the noise ordinance in the area which led the ranch owner to insist she won’t be hosting rappers on her ranch again.

She went on to say she’s not opposed to hosting a “day concert” that only features “good music”… Shots fired.