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Pretty Little Liars FINALLY reveals the identity of A.D. in jaw-dropping last episode


WARNING: This article contains major spoilers about the series finale of Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars finally came to an end last night, but not before answering (most of) our burning questions.

The show revealed the identity of the mysterious and dangerous A.D., who had been making their lives miserable ever since A (aka Charlotte aka CeCe Drake) was murdered.

The fan theory that Troian Bellisario’s character Spencer had an evil twin turned out to be true, and her name was none other than Alex Drake – A.D.

The theories were true: A.D. was revealed to be Spencer’s evil twin Alex Drake in the Pretty Little Liars finale | Freeform

Mary Drake had arranged for the second baby to be sent to England, where she was dumped by her adoptive parents at a home for wayward children due to some mental issues.

One day Alex ran into Wren Kingston at a bar in London, discovered her true identity and eventually met her half-sister Charlotte, later becoming obsessed with finding out who killed her.

Alex gave up the game when she found out Mona was the killer, but eventually decided she wanted Spencer’s seemingly perfect life.

In a bid to steal Toby and the friends who loved her unconditionally, she launched a plan to take Spencer’s place – but not before killing Wren.

The final episode started a year after the Liars learned Mona was responsible for Charlotte’s death, with Spencer being kidnapped and held in a dungeon along with Ezra on his wedding day.

Happy ending: Aria and Ezra got married, Alison and Emily got engaged and Hanna announced she’s pregnant | Freeform

Alex took Spencer’s place, but somehow thanks to Toby, a horse and Jenna’s keen sense of smell, they realised “Spencer” wasn’t who she said she was and found the dungeon just in time to save the day.

Mona had the police arrest Alex and Mary, although we discovered at the end of the episode that she was actually keeping them in a doll house in France.

Meanwhile Aria finally married Ezra, and after discovering that she can’t have children decided they would adopt, while Hanna announced she and Caleb were expecting a baby.

Alison and Emily also welcomed twin daughters Lily and Grace (who Wren turned out to be the father of) and got engaged in a sweet proposal.

The episode ended with the all realising they were finally all happy at the same time – and Mean Girl Addison going missing in during a sleepover with friends just like Ali did.