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Police reportedly obtain video footage of Kevin Spacey allegedly groping teen in Nantucket bar

The actor has been charged with felony indecent assault and battery

Photo: Daniel Deme/WENN.com

The authorities have reportedly obtained video footage of Kevin Spacey allegedly groping a teenager in a Nantucket bar.

The alleged victim, who has accused the actor of groping him when he was 18-years-old, took a Snapchat video of the assault, which allegedly took place on July 7, 2016.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Nantucket District Court, investigators have now obtained that video.

The former House of Cards star is currently being investigated, after a busboy at the Club Car bar in Nantucket accused him of assault.

Photo: WENN.com

The alleged victim, who is the son of former Boston news anchor Heather Unruh, claimed Kevin bought him a number of alcoholic drinks, and bragged to him about the size of his penis.

The busboy has also claimed that Kevin later unzipped his pants and rubbed his penis, both in and out of his pants, for about three minutes.

The alleged victim said that he tried to shift away and move Kevin’s hands, but claims the actor kept reaching down his pants.

During this time, the busboy was texting his girlfriend, who did not believe what he was telling her. So, the complainant sent her a video on Snapchat of Kevin allegedly groping him.

The 59-year-old is facing charges of indecent assault and battery, and is scheduled to be arraigned on January 7.

Meanwhile, TMZ has reported that the actor’s lawyers went to court last week to try and get an order blocking prosecutors from filing charges, due to insufficient evidence.

According to a transcript obtained by the Boston Globe, Kevin’s legal team argued that the alleged victim failed to report the incident to authorities the night it happened or even the next day.

His lawyers also claimed that the busboy lied about his age, and alleged that the Snapchat video the victim recorded only shows someone’s hand touching another person’s shirt.

Despite his lawyer’s efforts, Kevin was charged with felony indecent assault and battery.