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Nick Jonas responds to reports that The Jonas Brothers are set to reunite

Fans have long been waiting for the brothers to reunite

Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

Nick Jonas has revealed that he has no plans to reunite with his Jonas Brothers, Joe and Kevin.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on Live From the Red Carpet at the 2018 Grammys, Nick dashed fans hopes as there were whispers about the Jo Bros reuniting.

“We hung out for a weekend all together then I guess our Instagram is restarted or reopened.

“But I can tell you there’s no reunion planned, but I can never say never. You never know what’s going to happen,” Nick said.

In October 2013, the Jonas Brothers officially confirmed their split.

Since then, Nick has enjoyed a successful solo career, and his brother Joe has made waves as the frontman of DNCE.

Like many of the stars on the red carpet, Nick was sporting a white rose in support of the #TimesUp movement, an issue he called incredibly important.

“As a man I think it’s important to listen and to be ready to listen and to do our part where we can, when we can to raise awareness and stand in solidarity on an incredibly important issue,” he said.

“It’s affecting so many people’s lives. And if we can do our part here tonight, it’s a good thing,” he added.