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Miley Cyrus is being sued for $300million

A copyright claim has been filed in relation to one her biggest hits.


Miley Cyrus is being sued over copyright for her song We Can’t Stop.

According to the claim being brought against Miley, the song is very similar to a song written by a Jamaican artist 25 years ago.

Flourgon, Michael May when he’s not performing, filed the claim in relation to his 1988 song We Run Things.

Miley Cyrus | Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Reuters report that he believes it is “a favorite for lovers of reggae music worldwide” since reaching No. 1 in his home country. May also says that about 50 percent of We Can’t Stop can be attributed to his work.

He won “formal copyright protection” for all musical arrangements in We Run Things from the U.S. Copyright Office last November.

He sued Miley for $300million yesterday.

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