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Lil Xan blames himself for split with Noah Cyrus

The couple had a short-lived romance


Lil Xan has said that he blames himself for his split with Noah Cyrus.

The rapper split from the 18-year-old after a summer romance and the pair made their breakup extremely public as they accused each other of cheating on Instagram.

Lil Xan originally accused Noah of cheating on him, which he now seems to have backtracked on, as he spoke about the breakup on Open Late with Peter Rosenberg.


“I have nothing but love for the Cyrus family. I was still coming down from all, you know, the drugs and stuff. So I was just everywhere and stuff. So you know, I have no bad blood between Noah or nothing like that of any sense with the family,” the 22-year-old revealed.

“It’s a great family you know they treated me very nicely,” he continued.

“It was my fault, we could have still been together but I just feel like I f**ked everything up! It also put me in a darker place because I was getting slammed left and right,” the rapper continued.


The rapper’s interview comes shortly after his single with Noah was released and the music video consisted of the pair cuddling and dancing with each other.

Fans were shocked when the music video of the former couple was released and Noah told BreatheHeavy that she had no idea it was going to be revealed to the public: “Ummm… I didn’t put the music video out. Yeah. I just woke up one day and that video was on YouTube. I don’t know.”