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Khloe Kardashian reveals she did some ‘not so mature things’ after finding out that Tristan cheated on her

The mother-of-one revealed that she wasn't as calm as she seemed


Khloe Kardashian has revealed that she did some “not so mature things” after she found out that Tristan Thompson cheated on her.

Just days before the mother-of-one gave birth to her first child with the NBA star, it was revealed that Tristan had cheated on her.

Despite the controversial cheating scandal, Khloe has stood by the basketball player and last night the moment she gave birth, surrounded by family and Tristan, was shown onĀ Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


The 34-year-old live-tweeted during the episode and also spent the evening responding to fans on Instagram.

When one fan expressed her support for the reality star and called her “mature”, Khloe responded and said: “Oh well I did done not so mature things [knife, sweat and fist emojis] the day prior but I needed to get that out of my system. Namaste all the way in the hospital”.

The mother-of-one also told another fan: “If he does it again, then I will deal with that but those are my choices…I’m not excusing anyones behavior (sic). I simply did what I felt was right for me in that moment.”

“He never left ANYONE for me. I have said this before but as I have learned the truth isn’t as exciting as a lie. So the lie is what gets traction. The truth seems to get buried and ignored. Either way, it’s all love and peace over here,” she continued, presumably referring to Tristan’s ex, Jordan Craig, who he has a child with.

The mother-of-one also opened up about why she let Tristan in the delivery room for the birth of their daughter.