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Katy Perry releases statement about her shoe design after ‘blackface backlash’

The singer and brand did not intend to offend anyone


Katy Perry has released a statement, after she received backlash for her shoe design from her namesake label.

Social media users slammed the shoe design as they claimed it “resembled blackface.”

The singer and Global Brands Group have since released a joint statement to PEOPLE, which read: “‘Ora Face Block Heel Sandal’ and the ‘Rue Face Slip On Loafers’ which both feature gold eyes, nose and red lips on the toe of the shoe to create a face-like depiction that some feel is strongly associated with blackface.”

“The Rue and The Ora were part of a collection that was released last summer in 9 different colorways (black, blue, gold, graphite, lead, nude, pink, red, silver) and envisioned as a nod to modern art and surrealism.”

While some Twitter users were not happy with the shoes, others completely disagreed with claims that they were offensive.

One user wrote: “If you see racism or blackface on these shoes let me tell you that you need mental help. And I’m completely sure that people would complain if the shoes didn’t have a black version!! Stop complaining about everything, damn it!!. Grow up!!”

The ‘blackface backlash’ comes after fashion brand, Gucci, were called out for releasing a a controversial turtleneck sweater.