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Friends fans just got some AMAZING news


While it doesn’t look like Friends fans are going to get the reunion they’ve been longing for anytime soon, this might just be the next best thing.

It has been announced that an off-Broadway Friends musical is officially in the works, 13 years after the show ended its 10-season run.

Friends! The Musical! will open at the Triad Theater in New York sometime this autumn, with tickets going on sale this June.

Bob and Tobly McSmith are behind the production, and they are famed for their musical parodies.

Exciting news: A Friends off-Broadway musical will be opening this autumn | NBC

The pair have previously worked on 90210! The Musical, Katdashians! The Musical, Bayside! The Musical! (based on Saved by the Bell) and Full House! The Musical!.

While Friends fans still have a while¬†to wait before the show kicks off, some of the song titles have been revealed – and they’re stirring up excitement.

Tunes will include Oh. My God. It’s Janice!, The Only Coffee Shop in New York, We Were on a Break!, How you Doing, Ladies?, The Ballad of Fat Monica and We’ll Always Be There For You.

Although the Friends cast and co-creator Marta Kauffman have frequently ruled out the possibility of a reunion, we’re hoping some of the stars will be catching the musical.