Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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DJ Khaled fans furious after he cancels gig due to ‘travel problems’ but posts holidays snaps

Congratulations, you played yourself


DJ Khaled is in trouble with fans after cancelling a performance due to issues with travelling, only to be caught out posting holiday photos.

The rapper was meant to be the headline performance at Wireless in London tonight but the festival released a statement to say he could no longer make it.

“Due to travel issues DJ Khaled will not be performing but we are working on something special that won’t disappoint,” the festival tweeted,

Following the announcement, fans were left furious when he posted videos of himself still on vacation.

Fans felt disrespected by the use of “travel issues” as a reason as he had taken a private jet on several journeys earlier in the week.

He posted a series of videos in which he was chilling in an infinity pool and made no reference to the performance he had cancelled.

People took to Twitter to slate him and compare him to more “humble” acts like Stormzy who appreciate their fans.

He had tweeted several times throughout the day making no secret of the fact he is still on holidays.

“Son lets enjoy our vacation our fans know we coming,” he tweeted, perhaps ironically.

Most recently he posted, “They don’t want me in a infinity pool,” which he is correct about, because they would rather see him at the gig of his they bought tickets for.