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Cardi B retracts call to fans to boycott Paddy Power following spray painting of polar bears

Their latest advertising campaign initially caused her to say "F**k y'all!"


Cardi b has retracted her call to fans to boycott Paddy Power.

The rapper went on a rant on Instagram expressing her fury at the betting company’s latest advertising campaign ahead of the World Cup.

The ads show polar bears being spray painted with the flags of different countries competing in the soccer tournament. The video outraged the star who is a big fan of animals despite regularly wearing real fur!

She posted a video in response to their latest controversial marketing tactics saying, “The World Cup needs to cancel the team that Paddy Power is rooting for!”

“That team that they rooting for they not doing nothing to stop the f*****g Paddy Powers from freaking spray painting polar bears. Like that s**t is mad fucked up! Why don’t you spray paint your a**hole? Or why don’t you spray paint your kids to show support for your favourite team? Instead of spray painting beautiful white polar bears. That s**t’s f****d up!”

She went on to say, “I hate that s**t. F**k y’all!”

Her original caption read “Who is Paddy Power and why isn’t anyone paying attention to protecting an endangered species.. ” But upon realising that the campaign was actually a conservation attempt she posted another video highlighting the work Paddy Power were doing to help the endangered animals and amended her caption.

The ‘Be Careful’ singer was happy with the company raising awareness for the animals and not just vandalising them and posted the ad that explained the campaign.

She captioned both posts, “Paddy Power I’m gonna kill ya!!! So the whole time Paddy Power teamed up with Polar Bears International a organization to protect the pretty polar bears, all to help bring awareness to this cause!!!”

The brand had teamed up with Polar Bears International, a charity that helps to save polar bears as their habitat in the Rusian Arctic that they live in diminishes.