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EXCLUSIVE! Gabby Allen thinks Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa will ‘be alright’

The Love Island star has been working out with Dan in Marbella amid his relationship difficulties.


Gabby Allen jetted into Dublin to announce that Just Eat is sponsoring Love Island’s return to our screens on 3e this June.

While she was here, Goss.ie spoke to the season three star about Dan Osborne, who she has been working out with in Marbella.

Fans were devastated recently when the news broke that his relationship with Jacqueline Jossa, who is 8-months pregnant, was in jeopardy.

Isn’t always nice when your private life is very much the opposite of private.. or when people are making up stories about you etc which you know aren’t true but can’t do anything about them.. or people judging you, commenting about you etc when they don’t know you.. or when people taking pictures of you etc without control.. also that the media only really want to write about you non stop when there’s a negative story to write, not interested in anything positive you do in your life… 👍🏼 However, been sent this picture someone took and it melts my heart, this is my babies reaction when they see each other.. that is what life is all about, being happy, taking care of your children, raising them the best you can and making sure you do everything you can to make sure their beautiful little faces are smiling. Making sure they are always in a happy environment and growing up to be the best people they can be 🙌🏼💙💗 these two little humans are my absolute world! 🌎❤

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She was hopeful about the couple resolving their issues saying, “I haven’t spoken to him on a singular basis, but like it’s so difficult reading the press stories like I read them about myself and I’m like, ‘Oh I didn’t realise that’s what’s going on in my life! Thanks for telling me.'”

“But I don’t know, I think they’ll be alright. They’ve been together for a long time and they’ve got a baby on the way! So yeah, hopefully everything gets better for them.”

The pair appear to be patching things up, as Dan was spotted playing with his daughter at their home over the weekend.

Watch Gabby’s full interview below: