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EXCLUSIVE! Aisha Tyler reveals whether things have changed in Hollywood since the #MeToo movement

We caught up with Aisha at a Pre-Oscars party in LA

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Aisha Tyler has opened up about whether things have changed in Hollywood since the rise of the #MeToo movement.

The 47-year-old Criminal Minds star is an award-winning multi-hyphenate (actress, comedienne, director, voiceover artist, author, podcaster, and talk show host), and she was also the first black actor to land a major role in Friends back in 2003, playing Joey and Ross’ paleontologist love interest Charlie Wheeler.

Speaking to Goss.ie at the Ireland Funds America Pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles, Aisha was asked whether she thinks things have changed in Hollywood over the past year.

“Uhm, no,” she replied. “Not in a negative way, I think there’s a lot of conversation about it, about equality, about parity, and I think that’s important.”

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“I think the biggest change is coming with women. I don’t think that creeps are ever going to change, I think women have to change the way that they deal with exclusion, and I think women are speaking up for themselves, and also women are speaking up for each other, and I think that’s really good,” she continued.

“You know, I’m a filmmaker now, I directed my first film last year (Axis) with an Irish writer who was also the lead in my movie and it did incredibly well and I’m very proud of it, but it’s still very hard to get a movie made.

“I’m trying to get my second one set up, and you just hear the same things and a lot of it is based on people just not thinking that women can do it. It’s fine, you know for me I’m believe in what I’m doing so deeply that it doesn’t really phase me, I think it’s hard for everybody to get a movie made in this business, so you just keep pushing.”

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Speaking about her current projects, Aisha said, “Well I’m on Criminal Minds, I’m on Archer. I just wrote a horror feature that I’m planning to direct last this year in Ireland.”

“I’m developing two other longer term projects for down the line, so I’m very busy and happy.”

The actress also has a liquor line coming out this summer called Courage + Stone, and she said, “It’s actually a ready-to-drink cocktail line, so you can have a Manhattan straight out of the bottle, you can just pour it into the glass and drink it.”

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