Home Beauty Kylie Jenner rumoured to launch her own beauty convention

Kylie Jenner rumoured to launch her own beauty convention

She could also unveil a MUSEUM about her life


Kylie Jenner has sparked rumours that she wants to launch her own beauty convention.

Huge conventions such as VidCon and Beautycon are hosted in LA each year, with thousands of fans clamouring to catch a glimpse of their favourite beauty influencers and nab new products.

The rumours come after Kylie filed to trademark the terms “Kylie Con,” “Kylie Kon” and “Kylie Museum” for use.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben shared the trademarks on Twitter.

According to AdAge, the trademarks are event-based, and call for: “arranging, organizing, conducting and hosting special events, exhibitions and interactive experiences for social entertainment purposes” as well as “arranging, organizing, conducting and hosting classes and workshops on beauty arts.”

Kylie could be planning on launching a huge beauty event in the near future, with the potential to showcase new products and gather her clique of beauty influencers for a conference.

The most recent celeb who attempted to cash in on the internet’s fondness for convention culture was Tana Mongeau.

In 2018 she launched TanaCon, which became an infamous disaster.

The convention ended up being canceled on its first day after too many people showed up to the event.