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Goss Lust List: 8 eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products

Can your makeup bag have an environmental impact?


Sustainability has come to the forefront when it comes to disposable coffee cups and fast fashion – but what about eco beauty?

The beauty industry produces tonnes of plastic waste via packaging and disposable product design every day, so Iv’e searched for some alternatives.

Just remember, the most “sustainable” makeup is the makeup you already own.

Lush Shampoo Bar in Coconut Rice Cake

Soaps are far too harsh for you hair, so Lush can condensed your favourite shampoos into solid bars – making them completely packaging free.

Simply rub them on your scalp to later, and wash away.

The Skin Nerd Cleanse Off Mitt

Cotton is one of the resources on our planet that takes huge amounts of water to grow – so throwing away numerous cotton rounds every time you remove your makeup isn’t great for water conservation.

Try a cleanse off mitt instead, which is both reusable and good for your skin.

Amy Connolly Custom Sculpted Palette

When you hit pan of a makeup palette, it’s hard to know how to dispose of it properly.

Amy Connolly has introduced a Sculpted Palette made entirely from metal which allows you to replace each metal pan when you run out rather than disposing of the entire thing and having to buy a new one. Even a little waste reduction goes a long way.

Lush Naked Shower Gel in American Cream

Lush have been trailblazing in the area of sustainable beauty for years – but they took a massive leap ahead by eliminating packing from some of their products that traditionally wouldn’t be plastic free.

Last year, the brand launched their naked shower gels – a solid body wash in the shape of a shower gel bottle, but with ZERO packaging.

Paradox Haircare Hangover Hair Elixer

Paradox is an Irish company specializing in natural hair care products – and the packing is 100% recyclable. Rosie Connolly is a fan, and the products are also cruelty free.

“When I looked at my bathroom shelf, I saw a huge disconnect between the products I was using. The skincare, body care and cosmetics were all natural, organic and of the highest quality and performance. The haircare was just…not,” says founder Yolanda Cooper.

Eco Tools Makeup Brush Set

Rather than being made of plastic, these eco-friendly brushes are made of Panda-friendly bamboo.

The brushes are sturdier than usual ones, and last longer, as well as performing just as well as a plastic brush.

Dab Makeup Herb Glass Mascara

If plastic is your biggest pet peeve, try this organic, handmade mascara that comes in a glass case rather than the disposable tubes we’re used to.

Lush Ocean Salt Face Scrub 

Lush is featuring heavily on this list thanks to the brand’s commitment to eco-friendliness and quality products that work.

While their Sea Salt Scrub is amazing, the real joy of this product – or any of the Lush black pot products – is that if you return five clean pots to your local Lush store, they will reuse them and give you a fresh face mask of your choice in return.