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EXCLUSIVE! Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis’ makeup artist Linda Brown reveals their desert island products

The stars are massive fans of these cruelty-free makeup products.

Credit: WENN.com

Celebrity makeup artist Linda Brown spoke exclusively to Goss.ie about what products her famous clients can’t live without!

She spilled the tea about the TV presenters in Elysian Brows & Beauty on South William Street and also divulged her top makeup tips.

Linda regularly paints the gorgeous faces of TV hosts Emma Willis and Holly Willoughby and she described what products the women would choose as their desert island picks.


“Holly’s a big lover of the lipsticks!” according to Linda.

She loves the cruelty-free mattifying Delilah lipstick in particular. Linda is a national trainer for the brand and says Holly swears by a nice pop of colour on her lip while keeping everything else simple.

The stunning This Morning presenter also loves a solid base for her skin and we’re told a good primer is the key to a long-lasting flawless look.

Credit: Michael Wright/WENN.com

Emma Willis, on the other hand, would choose the primer over everything else and is a big fan of eye makeup too!

Linda said, “If you don’t base your skin right, it ain’t gonna happen! So you’ve got to prime right.”

She went on to divulge top beauty tips we all need to take on board including using different concealers for different parts of the face, tapping excess blusher off brushes before it goes near the face and filling in eyebrows which “define EVERYTHING!”

She warns against doing foundation first saying, “If you make mistakes or any shadows fall down your face or anything goes wrong, it comes back on your freshly done foundation. So I love to do eyes first!

Watch the full interview here.