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We Love: Afternoon Tapas Tea in Bach 16


We really do love Afternoon Tea at Goss HQ, so we got seriously excited when we heard about a new trend starting at Bach 16.

The Dublin restaurant, located on Bachelors Walk, has introduced Afternoon Tapas Tea – which takes a modern approach to the traditional treat.

Aftenoon Tea is traditionally synonymous with fancy hotels, however, the market for the dainty three tiered Victorian special has widened with establishments casual to contemporary competing to offer something different to appeal to the in-demand experience.


Bach 16 have taken it a step further introducing a taste-bud tantalizing tapas treat with Ireland’s first Afternoon Tapas Tea.

So here’s what’s in the tasty meal:

The bottom tier 

Stone baked chicken and chorizo served on a bed of spinach topped with a drizzle of the finest 6 year aged Italian reduction
a roasted red pepper stuffed with goat cheese, crushed walnuts on a bed of leaf, topped with a drizzle of honey presented in a heart shaped baking tray
Hummus in olive oil, sprinkled in herbs served with crispy dipping bread & Olives.


Middle Tier

Bach 16’s signature Bruschetta, thin and crispy toasted bread in hummus, freshly chopped tomato and melted cheese, topped with pesto
Italian Pate served with cranberry sauce, goat cheese and crispy bread

Top Tier

Punnet of seedless grapes surrounded by Irish , french and Italian cheeses served with a mini pot of butter scotch and honey

€19.50 per person
*Afternoon Tapas Tea accompanied by a glass of prosecco or wine €25.50

For Afternoon Tapas Tea bookings:
01 8720215 / [email protected]