Home Photos PICS: Animals in Dublin Zoo enjoy the snow

PICS: Animals in Dublin Zoo enjoy the snow

The zoo is closed but we got a sneak peak at the animals enjoying the snow.


The animals in Dublin Zoo are enjoying their new snowy terrain thanks to Storm Emma.

Dublin Zoo remains closed today but that hasn’t stopped the animals, such as the Asian elephants, African painted dogs, southern white rhinos, white-crowned mangabeys, zebras and Eastern bongos enjoying the snowfall in the capital!

The animals have continuous access to their heated houses and in some cases, Dublin Zoo has installed additional heaters to ensure animals that are used to warmer climates, giraffes and zebras etc., are protected during the cold weather.

Those accustomed to colder climates, wolves and snow leopards etc., will have the option to be outside. In preparation for the weather warning, all boilers have been serviced and surplus food for the animals has been delivered.

Asian Elephants


Painted African Dogs

Southern White Rhinos

Eastern Bongos


For further information about when Dublin Zoo will reopen visit www.facebook.com/dublinzoo or www.dublinzoo.ie.