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Pat Kenny reveals: 'I'm not ruling out a return to RTE'


Pat Kenny has admitted it’s likely he will return to RTE television – but only after a “cleansing period”.

The former Late Late Show host left the station for Newstalk in 2013 however it’s been indicated a return to Ireland’s leading broadcaster is possible after more time elapses.

“I wanted to do some telly and while it had been indicated to me by RTE that I might do TV on RTE again there would have to be ‘a cleansing period’ following the, if you like, ‘scandal’ of my leaving,” he said.

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Comeback: Pat wouldn’t rule out a return to RTE | VIPIRELAND.COM

“The corporation was wounded by my departure and a little time has to elapse before the wound heals,” he told the RTE Guide.

In the mean time, Pat was delighted to receive the offer for his new chat show In The Round with UTV.

“I knew it could be some time so when the offer came from UTV Ireland I thought, ‘why not?'”

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Happy: Pat was thrilled with the offer from UTV | VIPIRELAND.COM

The 67-year-old hasn’t ruled out a return to RTE and revealed he might never have left after 30 years if they hadn’t axed his popular TV show The Frontline.

“Obviously I’m contracted to UTV Ireland at the moment and I’m enjoying working with them but I have no animus towards RTE,” he said.

“There are things that happened that led to my decision to leave. I often wonder if I had been approached by Newstalk and The Frontline was still going, would I have jumped?”

“The answer is maybe I wouldn’t because I really enjoyed The Frontline so much,” he explained.

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Cancelled: Pat didn’t appreciate The Frontline being taken off air | VIPIRELAND.COM

Pat insisted that RTE had made a mistake by replacing The Frontline with the current affairs show Claire Byrne Live.

“RTE decided to subsume The Frontline into Prime Time – that clearly was a mistake they have since abandoned as Claire is now doing a Monday night show separate from Prime Time,” he said.

“So it’s good to know that RTE can acknowledge that they made a mistake.”