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Nicola Hughes opens up about joining Made In Chelsea: 'There has been a lot of bitchiness'


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Model Nicola Hughes is set to make her debut on Made In Cheslea tonight – and the Dubliner has admitted some of the girls didn’t like her.

The blonde beauty is dating bad boy Alex Mytton, and will come head to head with his ex Binky Felstead.

Speaking about joining the cast, Nicola admitted some of the girls were bitchy.

Made In Chelsea: Series 9

New series: Nicola has joined the E4 cast

“There has definitely been a lot of bitchiness and tension going on. No one is really happy,” she explained.

“There are quite a few new girls who are in Alex’s circle of friends that I knew beforehand so I do have some back up.”

Series 9 kicks off on E4 tonight and the new series will show Alex and Nicola as their relationship develops.

After meeting last summer in a nightclub in Naas, the pair have fallen head over heels and have been inseparable.

nic alex

Loved up: Nicola and Alex are loved up

“I met his parents and he met mine, in the first month. It’s the fastest relationship I’ve ever been in,” she told TV Now magazine.

“It shows something if things progress that quickly.”

However Nicola insisted she has never watched Alex on Made In Chelsea, as she didn’t want to see Alex being portrayed as something he’s not.

“My friends were like ‘you need to watch Made In Chelsea’ and I refused to watch it because I didn’t want to judge Alex on what he was being portrayed as.

made nicola3

Tension: Nicola goes head to head with Binky

“I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but it’s going well and he’s been an absolute gent,” she explained.

“He’s been nothing but respectful so I haven’t had any doubts so far, so fingers crossed.”

Watch the trailer for the new series of Made In Chelsea HERE