Home Movie Liam Neeson wins 'Biggest Ass Kicker' award

Liam Neeson wins 'Biggest Ass Kicker' award


Taken star Liam Neeson may have turned 63 this week but he is still considered the tough man as he was awarded America’s favourite big screen action hero.

The 2015 Spike TV Guys Choice Awards in California honoured the actor with the “Biggest Ass Kicker” Award from all his Taken movies the star is universally recognised as tough guy and goodie.

Liam recently admitted he was contemplating retiring from actions movies in a bid to end on a high, but it seems fans to want him to leave just yet.


Liam is set to star in a new thriller later on in the year

When asked about his up coming birthday only last week Liam said he wasn’t too excited about celebrating.

“I’m going to be 63, nobody wants to be 63, I’m getting old, what I want more than anything is to be ignored. I just hate it and It makes me feel vulnerable,” he said.

“I had a wee splash for my 60th, Bono’s a pal he came, but event that was  a bit ‘I wanna get the F**** out of here'”

Hopefully his award brightened up his birthday blues.