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Jamie Dornan: 'I'll put Madonna watching The Fall on my CV'


Jamie Dornan has opened up about finding out that her Madjesty Madonna is a fan BBC thriller The Fall.

The Fifty Shades of Grey hunk already has millions of female fans after playing Christian Grey, but now he can add Madonna to the list.

The singing sensation recently revealed she was a big fan of the show.

“I didn’t know she binge watched the show,” Jamie admitted.

Jamie Fall

Mad fan: Jamie was surprised when he heard Madonna was a fan of the show

I don’t read all her interviews,” he joked.

When told she watches The Fall and True Detective, Jamie replied “Oh really, that’s good company.”

“Yeah, I’ll probably start putting that in my CV, that’s pretty cool,” he to the LA Times.

Humbled by his new number one fan, the 32-year-old actor revealed it’s not the first time he’s encountered a famous fan.


Famous following: Jamie admitted he’s had a few surprising fans of The Fall come up to him

“That’s a lovely thing that The Fall is one of those shows where a lot of people I admire happen to like it.

“I’ve had some pretty mad experiences being in LA or whatever, people I’m huge fans of – other actors and directors and producers come up to you and they say ‘I love your show’ ‘I love your work’.

“It’s little moments like that, that you live for in a way,” he admitted.