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Jack Reynor on working with Michael Fassbender of Macbeth – 'We drank a lot of whiskey'


Jack Reynor has revealed what it was really like to working with Michael Fassbender on the set of Macbeth.

The 23-year-old  stars as Malcolm, son of King Duncan, in the Shakespeare piece alongside Michael who plays the lead role.

Filming on location in Scotland meant long nights and intense scenes, and Jack said the Irish pair made the most of it.

“We drank a lot of whiskey on this film,” he laughed.


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The movie has already been a hit with critics, and Jack pulled off his stellar performance with just two weeks notice.

“A week before I finished Glassland I got a call to say you are being cast now in Macbeth and we’re going to fly you out in two weeks to start the film so I didn’t really have much of an opportunity to workshop or spend time with the other actors.

“It was kinda jumping in and just going for it as much as I could really,” he said during a Q&A.

Jack’s character has a thick Scottish accent in the movie, but admitted he had no time to practice it.


Scottish: Jack has family in Scotland that helped with his accent | PATRICK O’LEARY

“Justin hadn’t heard my accent before we started the film, he hadn’t spoken to me about performance at all so it was like performing Shakespeare for the first time with no rehearsal or anything like that.

“Just going straight in and doing it which was amazing and also terrifying but the whole thing was an incredible experience for me,” he revealed.