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Spotlight On: Linda White founder of White Events

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Woman power is strong in Ireland this weekend so we caught with a female business owner who is bossing her field.

Wedding season is in full swing and Linda White, founder of White Events told us how she runs her business.

She’s responsible for the event design of some of Ireland’s biggest celebrity weddings, including Glenda Gilson’s!


What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always been creative since the age of six-years-old. Whether I was making themed go-carts with pram wheels, I always had a passion to design, build and create. My thoughts were always involved with wood which eventually lead me to the love of fabrics and then to the art of event design.

In 1991, to study event design was not a chosen career path or a college course never mind a degree, which it is today in Ireland. My choice at the age of 18, was to travel to England to study Spatial Design in Bournemouth and Poole College of Art & Design. Spatial Design was a course that examined all aspects of design, which helped me hugely.

I gained great experience that I brougth back to Ireland in 1995. Grants were not provided so I developed the art of hard work and labour love to begin my career, which would be filled with late nights and earlier starts.

Tell us about White Events?

The White Events team consists of myself and three amazingly talented people which I have the pleasure of working with most days. Peter, Arnold and Ekaterina are so passionate and dedicated when it comes to the events they manage. They also enjoy the people who they meet on individual events. No two events are ever the same.

Our philosophy for events is, “To love what you do can only be achieved by doing what you love”. Over the years and long unexpected hours, we have learn to expect the unexpected in the event world.

You’ve done so many celebrity weddings, can you dish on any of them?

Unfortunately “mum IS the word” and we can understand why! It is their private moment so they might not want their special day spoken about or mobile phone photos shared on social media by a company they employed to create their vision.

We have a no photo policy unless permission is given. These photos will never be exposed on our website but our reputation as wedding and event stylists has travelled ahead of us.

What advice do you have for summer brides?

It is not unexpected or an untold secret that the most popular time in Ireland to have your wedding is the summer time. It is easier for all your guest to take time off work to travel and the weather risk is greatly reduced, especially where we live.

Also, everything is green, fresh and blooming thanks to mother nature without an expense to you both.
Many couples choose to say “I do” this time of year, therefore, we would advise that if you want your wedding to stand out from the throngs of others, then throw the ultimate summer wedding, of course! But always remember, plan for option A but always consider an option B if planning an outdoor wedding ceremony.

There’s an old superstition that rain on our wedding day is a bad omen, but it’s actually considered good luck according to Hindu traditions, and the Italians are fond of saying: “Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata”, which means “Wet Bride, Lucky Bride.”

No bride hopes for rain on her wedding day, but the truth is, the possibility is there. We will, either way, provide you with a styled venue or marquee that your guests will not forget and the weather will only be a distant memory!

Tell us about your favourite wedding you’ve ever done?

My most favourite and memorable wedding that I have ever had the pleasure of working on was for a well-known celebrity couple. As I was describing in detail, with my famous hand movements, our proposed style of decor the couple asked me to step aside in a large production meeting for a private word.

Their words were “Linda, do we really need all this because we really only want to get married because we love each other?” They had 1,200 guests in a very large marquee with the basic decor and were both blissfully happy for the entire evening.

They wanted to cater for people of all economic standards to feel comfortable at their wedding. It is my personal favourite because it was only focused on their love for each other and both individually thinking of all their guests that they were inviting before and after they were made famous.

What’s your most popular decor?

The Enchanted Forest in The Round Room at The Mansion House.

What’s a normal working week like for you?

I work my hours around my three amazing children. Korbyn aged 15 years old, Reece aged 13 years old and Ashton aged 8 years old. Having the benefit of working with the talented guys that are on the team allows me to work my hours around my children. Busy schedules require 90 hours a week and a lot of road travelling.

What advice would you give women looking to start up their own business?

Stop thinking and start doing.

What was your dream job when you were a little girl?

What I am doing now.

Who inspires you?

My team. Their passion to learn and expand their knowledge is my inspiration. We also better ourselves through our ever increasing amount of clients and the creatively challenging and rewarding work we do for them.

What is your ultimate goal for your business?

My ultimate goal for White Events is to grow at a steady pace. I have a simple goal. At the end of every week, I want to be happy in work, happy in life and happy with myself. If I achieve all this through White Events, then we have achieved a happy medium.

What has been the high point and low point of your career so far?

My highest point was my first celebrity wedding. The lowest point was the economic recession which led to events suddenly stopping.

What would you like to accomplish in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I hope that we grow as a team, to the standard that our clientele needs us to, to produce the ever-changing internet trends. Ireland is an amazing country with amazing people. We, as a team will grow with our clients to produce events and work within their budgets.

I, personally have worked in events in 22 years and through it all the number one rule will always remain the same: “You are only as good as your last event!”


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