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Samantha Kelly’s top 5 tips for starting a business

Always dreamed of beginning your own business? Start here!


It’s a new quarter and some of our New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside but if starting a business this year was one of yours it’s time to revive the dream.

Samantha Kelly, who you may know as Tweeting Goddess, told Goss.ie her top five tips for starting a business ahead of her Women’s Inspire Network event this Wednesday.

Pen and paper at the ready!

Pictures: Jerry McCarthy / VIPIRELAND.COM

Do you have to be a b*tch to succeed in business? And if I decide to start a business where do I start?

People often ask me, how to do become successful as a woman in business? There are lots of things to think about before you even start.

Most entrepreneurs have certain qualities and characteristics: Determination, Persistence, Courage (To make the leap into self employment in the first place), Drive, Vision, Energy.

Pictures: Jerry McCarthy / VIPIRELAND.COM

Can you be all of these things and be nice? Of course you can! Kindness is one of the biggest assets to a business owner. People will always remember how you make them feel.

Also, people buy from people. So you actually need to be good with people when you are in business or no one will buy from you (Some might if your product is amazing). But others won’t spread the word about you if you are not nice to deal with.

Did you notice ‘money’ is not on that list? Money certainly helps but it isn’t essential especially with all of the free marketing tools at your disposal through social media.

Do you have to become a bitch to get the business you want?

Do you have to change the way you do business?

Do you have to say ‘no’ to people asking for help?

It can look like the ones who are tougher are the ones who get more respect and look busy etc. but some of these people can be faking it till they make it.

If you keep your side of the street clean, assist others, share your knowledge and be kind, it WILL come back to you. If you create a network of like minded people around you they will ‘get you’ and what you do and support the kind, hard working, helpful person that you are.

Top leaders and the most successful people always give a little extra. Whether it’s financial or supporting a charity or just responding to a tweet or email, these people got to where they are today because they are good people who work hard and they ‘get people’.

So go for it, you can do this!

Here are my top five tips for starting your business:

1. Do a course

Do a start your own business course. Learn as much as you can about what to do, what things to put in place, where to register your business name and how to market your business etc.

2. Discuss it with family

Sit down and discuss with your family what your plan is. You are going to need their support when you end up working over 40 hours a week and ride that roller coaster. This could mean hiring extra childcare so you can attend meetings and events or it could mean asking your partner for more help around the house. They need a heads up that things will change slightly. But important thing to remember is to make time for your family too as they will be the ones watching your ups and downs and after all, the reason you are doing this is for them also.

3. Do a business plan

Do a business plan. Be honest with your figures and plan it all out so you can see what progress you have made 6 months down the line. Do you have a problem that you are solving for people? Is there a market for the business you want to start? Have you potential customers lined up already? Have you done the market research? A business plan is a guide to where you want the business to go…and where it should be.

4. Get a good team around you

Surround yourself with a good team. Whether that is a mentor you trust or a virtual VA or great website manager factor all of this in. Surround yourself with like minded people who are also in business just like you.

5. Set up social media accounts

Create social media accounts straight away. Keep your brand in there as much as possible. Find out where your potential customers and allies are hanging out. Are they on Twitter? Instagram? Facebook? Make sure you are on the right platform first. Learn how to use them properly. Join a network of supportive like minded people like Womensinspirenetwork.com and learn as much as you can. This network does webinars every week on all kinds of topics plus there is an app!

The Women’s Inspire Network national event takes place on 11th of April in Galway in the Connacht Hotel.

Some tickets are still available from womensinspirenetwork.com