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OPINION: Kim Kardashian’s latest naked photos are a huge step back for her image

This is the first time in a long time I feel Kim has crossed the line


We all know Kim Kardashian is known for being risque, flirty, sexy and that she loves to push boundaries…but have her latest photos taken things too far?

My answer? Yes.

I’ve always admired Kim for building her enormous empire, for proving people wrong when they suggested she had “no talent”, for showing that women can be just as powerful as men in this industry…but these photos completely distract from all those things.

Kim and husband Kanye West welcomed their third child this month, a girl named Chicago.

Four days after her birth Kim posted this photo:

Night Cap

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I’m sure every mother reading this will vouch for the fact that you literally have zero time to do anything when you’ve had a new baby.

Now Kim had Chicago via surrogate, so it’s fair to point out her body doesn’t need to heal or get over any sort of trauma, but she still has a new born who needs feeding every three/four hours, who’s sleeping on and off, the list continues…

Any new mother I know barely has time to wash her hair, eat lunch, let alone do a full on photo shoot, but low and behold Kim has found time to do multiple shoots (or so it seems).

Since having Chicago Kim has been more active than usual on her social media channels, either sharing videos in the gym or raunchy photographs.

I found the risque photos a bit out of place, since she just had a child, but these latest photos are taking things too far.


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Topless, standing in a soaking wet white t-shirt, lying on a bed in a g-string looking at photos of yourself… it’s like Kim has gone back in time to 10 years ago, and as a fan, I’m not impressed.

I wonder how Chicago will feel when she’s grown up, and she sees the first photos her mum decided to share with the world after her birth?

Now don’t get me wrong, maybe Chicago was in the room during her shoot, maybe Kim had time while she slept, but what is her message with these photos?

Maybe it’s to show off the fact her body didn’t have to change during the pregnancy of her third child, maybe it’s a message of female empowerment, owning your own body.

But for me? It’s a mistake.

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Myself and many of my friends are hard core Kim fans, Kardashian fans in general really, and we’ve all been left confused by Kim’s latest stream of photos.

I’ve seen other fans write comments like: “this is too much” and “she’s lost the plot”, so it’s clear I’m not alone in this.

On our Instagram channel we asked if “this was too much for a new mum”, with 77% so far saying yes.

But to be fair, lots of others are supporting her newfound freedom, and supporting her choice to show off her body, some questioning why her being another mother is even a factor.

It could be argued that these photos were actually taken months/weeks ago, but I still don’t think she is sending the right message by posting them now, two weeks after becoming a mother again?

It feels like Kim has been fighting to change her image for a long time, from that girl from the sex tape, to a reality TV star, from Paris Hilton’s assistant to a media mogul, these photos look trashy and out of place.

Bring back the new and improved Kim…