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5 FAB famous fathers

To celebrate Father's Day here are some of our favourite famous dads


Father’s Day is upon us. As we pay tribute to our own terrific poppas today, who put up with us through all sorts, we wanted to take a look at some of favourite famous dads too.

Similar to Regina George’s mum in Mean Girls these guys aren’t regular dads they’re cool dads.

Here are the five fab fathers that sprung to mind first.

Baz Ashmawy

You’ve seen Bat Dad on social media, well Baz is Brat Dad! His parenting is refreshingly honest and he has no problem calling his children all sort of names on social media but it’s all coming from a place of love. The ultimate cool dad, Baz regularly brings his kids to some of the slickest events in the capital. He seems like the kind of father who would have no qualms about throwing a tantrum back at you in public to show you how ridiculous you were being. Bravo Baz.

Dwayne Johnson

Can you smell what the rock is cooking? Cute family raising related content. Dwayne Johnson is a doting dad. His Instagram posts paying tribute to the strength of women and the beauty of raising a baby secured him a place on the list.

David Beckham

We’re still not over this video of David tearing up when Brooklyn flies over from New York to surprise him on his birthday. There’s so much love in this family. David is undeniably doing a great job as a dad.

Alan Kavanagh

INSTAGRAM: @JamesAlanKavanagh

Alan Kavanagh is like the quintessential Irish dad. He gets very shy every time James tries to broadcast him to the nation, loves his privacy and comes out with gold on the rare occasion he decides to take the limelight. Proud father of super successful siblings, it’s clear Alan is doing his dad duties right.

Peter Andre


Peter Andre has been picking up the slack lately as Katie Price went wild and reverted back to her party girl ways. Princess and Junior are living with him following her split from Kieran Hayler until she calms down. The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer puts the safety of his kids first, and rightly so.