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This new app will help make your lunch break even LONGER

Beat the queues by downloading Bamboo!


We’ve all been stung by the insane queues during the lunch time rush – but now, there’s a new app which can help you completely avoid that scenario.

The Bamboo app allows you to beat the queues by ordering from your favourite cafés and restaurants, based on your location.

After placing your order, you’ll be notified when your order’s ready – so when your arrive, you can simply pick it up and go.

The app also helps you save money without holding on to those pesky loyalty cards, as Bamboo automatically collects and redeems your loyalty in each store.

The best news? There’s no extra costs, as you pay the same prices as in store, so it’s basically a win-win situation.

By using the app, you can save over an hour a week by avoiding lunchtime queues – meaning you’ve got more time chill before you head back to the office.

Bamboo have also launched a new program which allows companies to easily pay or co-pay for their staff lunches.

By setting up a business account with Bamboo, employees can order, pay, and earn rewards from their desk – and be in-and-out of the restaurant or cafe in seconds.

So how does it work? Well, once the company sets the employee budget and schedule, Bamboo issues credits for employees to use around their office.

Employee orders are charged to the company payment method, and everything exceeding employee budget is paid by the employee.

The app will save your employees time, give them independence, and save money – as the company only pays or co-pays regular menu prices, meaning there’s no additional fees, and no leftovers.

Bamboo have already partnered with over 150 restaurants, including some of our favourite spots including Freshii, Lolly and Cooks, Cocu, Rockets, Wowburger, Burritos & Blues, Munchies, Offbeat Donuts, KC Peaches, and Herbstreet.

Bamboo is available to download right now on iOS and Android