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This new personal shopper app is about to launch in Dublin – and it’s a LIFE CHANGER

Whether you're looking for a dress or a pint of milk - Shopless has you covered


A brand new personal shopper app is launching in Dublin very soon, and it’s a serious life changer.

Shopless, the personal shopping and delivery app that helps to take the stress out of pressing daily chores, first launched in December 2017 in Cork.

In the first six months, the app has become a huge hit – and now there’s plans in place to roll out the app in Dublin and across Ireland later this year.

What Is Shopless?

Shopless is an easy to use, flexible and smart online community Personal Shopper and Delivery App, which was established by tech entrepreneur and busy mum-of-four Niamh Parker.

Shopless works by connecting stores both big and small to customers – providing consumers with an easy and flexible platform to purchase their favourite items from local stores and have them delivered within hours.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, or simply need a pint of milk delivered to your door – Shopless have got you covered.

Founder Niamh Parker said, “I wanted to create a solution for busy individuals and families to be able to shop from a variety of their favourite local stores, not just from one individual store.”

“It’s what makes us different, consumers can use their phone to shop from retailers that may not even be on social media. From Debenhams to the English Market, our personal shoppers will do all the hard work including picking up the orders and delivering them to the consumer on the same day.”

Niamh continued, “As well as the benefits Shopless offers consumers, there are great benefits for retailers who don’t sell online. A recent survey revealed that one in five SMEs have zero online presence, and this is where we can really help.”

“Shopless makes the connection with those retailers and consumers looking to shop online. The response to Shopless over the past six months has been phenomenal, we now have 27 Cork retailers on board who have virtual stores on the app, we’re very excited for the future of Shopless.”

How It Works

1. Sign up

Signing up for Shopless is super easy. The price range is €12/hour for shoppers to pick up your items on a once-off basis.

However, they also have a Shopless membership option, which is €75 per month – and includes 10 monthly hours of personal shopping service.

Businesses are also encouraged to join Shopless as part of their employee wellbeing strategy.

Companies can sign up for a Corporate Membership (€40 a month), which includes two personal shops delivered to the workplace per week.

2. Make a list

Fill out the Shopless form in the app.

Choose what you need, whether it be groceries, health & beauty items, clothing or urgent personal items.

3. Send the delivery request

Mark the items you need today. Change the list whenever you want.

4. Receive your purchases

Receive what you’ve requested delivered to your door. Make sure to adjust the time of the delivery if your plans change, or you are stuck in traffic.

Why Choose Shopless? 

What makes the app so unique? Well, Shopless uses the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to quickly learn about the user and build their complete profile – including everything from their daily shopping list, down to their clothes and shoe sizes.

Basically, the more you use the app, the more it learns about you. Shopless can predict when you need a new item – for example, it will remember that a pack of milk you ordered 3 days ago is gone, and you may need a new one.

The app is also helping to fight food waste, as it will alert you if you’ve been ordering too many perishables.

As well as that, Shopless is helping to reduce the number of cars on the road, resulting in less carbon emissions, as they use specially designed electric tuk tuks to collect and deliver their customers orders.

Most important of all – Shopless will save you TIME. The app is a same-day delivery service, so they’ll pick up your pizza, drop into the pharmacy, and get that outfit for you all at the same time.

The Shopless app is currently available in Cork City, with plans in place to roll out the app in Dublin and across Ireland later this year. Shopless will also launch on the Seedrs Equity Crowdfunding platform over the coming months to expand to the UK.

For more information about Shopless, visit www.shopless.ie.